• Everlasting personalized wedding photo experiences.

    Ausfo.com was born to market to sophisticated native Chinese newly weds in their hometown who appreciate a once in a lifetime experience of an entirely unique and everlasting Australia themed photographic portfolio celebrating their wedding day.
    AusFo.com a new join-venture between a group of Australian and Chinese companies offer first class personalized wedding photographic background packages set amongst unique Australia wide natural and iconic scenery.

    We deliver unique and amazing photographic wedding memories and an Australian experience like no other offered to China's newly weds.
    AusFo.com consultants in China provide a total one-stop service guiding our clients and their organizers through a checklist of experience expectation, photographer choices, photography criteria, shoot locations, visa compliance, regulatory requirements and other service provider options across Australia.

    Contact us if you are interested in working with us (click here).

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